Activate your NEW MasterCard chip card soon

Old Visa debit cards will be deactivated June 15th!

 All previous Visa debit cardholders should now have our new MasterCard chip card.  If you haven’t already, please activate and begin using your new debit or ATM card.  Old Visa debit cards will no longer work after June 15th.  If you have not received a new MasterCard and you were a previous Visa debit cardholder, please contact us at 651-457-7539.


 Mastercard2     New Debit and ATM cards

All ATM and debit cardholders have received a new MasterCard™ chip card.  This new card will replace your current Visa™ debit card and provide added security for your card purchases. Your new MasterCard™ debit card will come with a new card number, so if you have set up any automatic payments that are tied to your debit card number, those will need to be changed. This will not affect automatic payments using your checking or savings account number.

Your KEY COMMUNITY BANK debit chip card will feature a tiny microprocessor in the card. Using your chip card in a chip-enabled terminal creates unique data for that transaction, providing an extra layer of protection for your account. Your new chip card brings this additional security at no cost to you.

Retailers are installing chip-enabled terminals at their cash registers where your chip card can be used easily and securely. Simply insert your chip card into the slot at the bottom, leaving your card in the terminal until the transaction is approved and completed. After the transaction completes, you will then remove your card.

When you receive your MasterCard you may activate and begin using it immediately.  Please destroy your old Visa card or bring it in to the Bank and we will shred it for you.

As always, please call us with any questions.  651-457-7539

Register your card for MasterCard SecureCode here!

iTunesArtwork   Introducing our Mobile Banking App! 

* Check Balances
* Pay Bills
* Transfer Funds
NEW! Make Deposits

App download is available TODAY from the App Store or Google Play.

Check out our Mobile Banking App FAQ’s for more information!

Watch our Mobile Banking Demo here!         

online-security  Cybersecurity Awareness

At Key Community Bank, we care about your online safety and security.  The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation FDIC has provided cybersecurity information for Bank customers on how to protect and maintain your computer systems.  We hope this information provides another helpful resource to keep you safe online.

Cybersecurity brochure for Individuals

Cybersecurity brochure for Businesses


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