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ACH Origination Services

Key Community Bank’s ACH service allows your business an efficient, low cost and secure method of sending electronic transactions.  Key Community Bank can assist you in setting up a secure payroll origination system to allow your business to directly deposit the funds into your employees’ designated accounts.  In addition, this service may also be suitable for businesses that wish to electronically collect customer payments.

Contact your banker for more information and to assist in customizing a program that works for your business.

Merchant Processing

If your business accepts Visa or Mastercard as a form of payment, Key Community Bank can help to streamline your credit card processing system. With our merchant processor, Elavon, we offer a safe, affordable, and convenient way for your business to accept credit cards.

Remote Deposit

Key Community Bank provides a secure, user friendly system that lets your company deposit checks quickly and easily from your onsite location allowing you to increase worker efficiency and decrease costs. As a customer of Key Community Bank, we will provide you with the auto feed scanner used to process your deposits and the entire system is web based so there isn’t any software to install. The cost is $39.95 per month with the first month free! Contact your banker to see if remote deposit is right for your business.

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