Customer Survey

We appreciate your business and are always looking for ways to improve your experience at Key Community Bank.  To better service your needs, please take time to fill out our brief 8-question survey.

Thank you.

 What area of the bank did you visit?

Were you immediately greeted and serviced promptly? If not, please tell us the length of time you waited.

Did the employee treat you respectfully, professionally, and with a positive attitude? If not, please explain.

Do you feel the employee possessed the necessary skills to process your transaction correctly? If not, please explain.

 Would you recommend KCB to others? If no, please explain.

Please rate your overall level of satisfaction with KCB, one representing the least and five representing the most satisfied.

Do you have any suggestions for ways we can improve our service or suggestion for additional products or services that we do not currently offer?

We would welcome any additional comments you may have.

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